Community Guidelines

Last updated: December 26, 2019 

Welcome to the Community!

Popschools is a global community designed to develop global tech talent, through access to Debt-Free Income Sponsor Agreements (ISAs), Job placements, Tech apprenticeships and mentorship.  Our Debt-Free (ISAs) enables any mentor, organization, investor, and family/friend to donate to support a Popriser’s career journey and receive tax deductions. With active participation, the Popschools ecosystem offers accountability and support so tech talent and their peers can collaborate, network and gain a more engaging experiences.  

We welcome you to join the community, have fun, network while tapping into numerous work, education and wealth building opportunities. 

Like all communities large and small, Community guidelines are needed. We have ours listed below. As a Community Team member, it’s our responsibility to ensure we’re fostering the best possible Community for all members to flourish and uphold the PopSchools brand. . Members are asked to treat each other with respect and thoughtfulness,displaying at all times a high level of professionalism. Whether you met a fellow member online or in person, please keep these guidelines in mind, we draw the line on a few areas and behaviors that jeopardize the well being of our Community and the members within it:

By using PopSchools platform you acknowledge that:

  • Your posts in the profile and communication sections are permanent (unless they are deleted by PopSchools for violation of our policies).
  • Your posts should be helpful, constructive, and encouraging when voicing dissent or criticism.
    • When providing criticism or feedback to other PopSchools members—be helpful, not mean.
  • Our Moderators may take certain actions to keep the PopSchools organized and helpful for everyone. Such actions are not up for public discussion. 
  • PopSchools reserves the right to remove any inappropriate content in the PopSchools platform at any time.

You may lose your posting privileges if you violate any community policies.

Please familiarize yourself with the complete set of guidelines below. If you come across anything in the Community that appears to violate these guidelines, use the “Report Inappropriate Content” option to let our team know about it.


In order to ensure PopSchools remains an engaging and welcoming place for everyone, we ask you to help us safeguard our community. Please refrain from posting the following:

  • PopSchools aspires to be a welcoming and inclusive community. Please don’t post content that is:
    • Illegal
    • Pornographic, mature in content, or gratuitously or overly sexual*
    • Racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive
    • Shockingly graphic, grotesque, or obscene
    • Inflammatory (e.g. name-calling, preaching, ranting, stirring up controversy, or venting frustrations)
    • Photos or messages containing profanity, vulgarity, hate speech, hostile comments or threats of violence, including racial, ethnic or gender based insults.
    • Being disrespectful towards other members. Personal attacks based on a user’s English, lack of knowledge, experience of PopSchools platform or any other disparaging comments will not be tolerated.

*We realize that nudity can be a gray area. We aim to keep PopSchools PG-13 and shots violating this guideline will be removed at PopSchools discretion. If you post inappropriate content, it may be removed by PopSchools per our Terms of Service. PopSchools has final say over whether content is appropriate. If you repost content that’s been removed or continue to post content that violates these guidelines your account may be suspended or removed.

    • Copyrighted content without the permission of the copyright owner.
    • Do not Spam other PopSchool Members
      • PopSchools provides many features that allow users to interact with one-another, including messages. Please don’t use these tools indiscriminately to spam or send unsolicited messages to other members. If you’re caught spamming other PopSchool members, your account may be suspended or removed.
      • What do we consider spam?
        • Using likes, follows, and other disingenuous social gestures to draw attention to your account
        • Linking to your own work in comments on other members’ shots
        • Asking for likes and/or follows in exchange for a PopSchool invitations
        • Leaving many comments that are short on substance to draw attention to your account
      • If you see a PopSchools member spamming others, report it by contacting us.
    • Don’t use PopSchool invitations to draw attention to your own account
      • Invitations should not be used as prizes for contests, but given genuinely based on your interest in following someone’s work
      • Do not post advertisements or promoting any products or services.
      • Do not solicit users to participate in interviews, contests, surveys or other research studies.
      • Invitation contests that require or suggest likes and follows for entry is prohibited
      • PopSchool’s invitation system aims to increase the number of talented women and interesting work on PopSchool’s—not to draw attention to your profile
      • Please do not attempt to sell or buy PopSchool’s invitations or pursue fake followers on PopSchool’s.
    • Discussion of other members in a malicious way including, blocked or inactive members.
    • Repetitive or disruptive content that incites unacceptable or prohibited behavior.
    • Credit other work 
      • If your work is inspired by other work on PopSchools, make sure to give credit. You can do this by mentioning the PopSchools member. Know that work that’s inspired by others may be interpreted as stolen. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. 
      • If you’re the owner of work that has been posted on PopSchools without your consent, please review our Intellectual Property Policy.
        Please link back to PopSchools when posting PopSchools  content elsewhere.
    • Discussing or reposting deleted posts or warning letters or discussion of sanctioned or no longer registered members.
    • Do not include names of persons or companies (or other identifying information) in an accusation of misconduct, incompetence or other wrongdoing.
    • Do not post  email content, chat transcripts or other private communication
    • Don’t use PopSchools as a soapbox
      • PopSchools allows women to get stuff done like never before. However, pet projects that are pushed too hard, political campaigning, and personal views on controversial, non-local issues can be interpreted negatively and must be avoided at all cost. We rely on our members to report those who are over-posting, campaigning, repeatedly posting, or ranting about controversial issues.
  • Controversial issues, politics, and religion
        • Conversations about local, regional issues, politics, and personal beliefs can be some of the most important and meaningful discussions in our daily lives, and we recognize that political and local issues have an enormous impact on communities, however, more than other subjects, disagreements about politics and religious beliefs have the potential to become divisive. So, at PopSchools we want to encourage a positive community and positive experience for all our members, we ask for members to also keep their political and religious beliefs to themselves. 
  • Over Posting & Ranting
      • Posting consistently negative content (for example, “laundry lists” or “rants”) without recommending or suggesting a potential solution will not be tolerated. 
  • Posting deliberately disruptive and negative statements about PopSchools.
  • Encouraging others to violate PopSchools Terms of Service.
  • Attempting to impersonate PopSchools staff or other PopSchool members.
  • Posting material that in any way violates the PopSchools Terms of Service.
  • Posting content determined to be inappropriate, overly negative, in poor taste, or otherwise contrary to the purposes of this forum, in the sole discretion of PopSchools

Your account may be suspended or removed if you engage in activity that violates these guidelines.


  • Be sincere in your participation by only contributing valid, useful content. Discuss what you truly care about – your passions – in a way that reflects who you are. 
    • Don’t misrepresent yourself or lie about your identity, affiliations, or age.
    • Use your true identity
    • PopSchools is a network for you. To that end, using your true identity and honestly representing yourself are key parts of being a PopSchools member.  So endeavour to use the following;
      •   Real names
      •  Your profile and photo
  • Please be aware that the opinions expressed in our community are those of their respective authors only and do not represent the views or opinions of PopSchools or its affiliates.
  • Upload only work that you have created
    • Share your own work on PopSchools.
    • Don’t post others’ work.
    • Don’t take credit for others’ work.
    • Don’t post copyrighted or trademarked content.
  • Upload work that best reflects your quality work
    PopSchools is a place to upload what you’re currently working on and portfolio quality work. With updates to PopSchools increased file size and file formats, PopSchool members should be thoughtful about their portfolio work they upload.
    • Don’t share content that you would share on a video-sharing platform—including promotional videos, commercials, and tutorials. Video uploads should be used for animation, motion design, 3D explorations, UI/UX prototypes, and design work of this nature.
    • Don’t share showreels—let your collective shots tell the story of your work.
    • If you’re using audio to enhance your work, please use it thoughtfully. Make sure you have permission before using audio that’s copyrighted or stick to audio that’s under creative commons.
    • When completing work for a client, always secure permission before sharing work as per the Intellectual Property Policy. 
    • If your work violates these guidelines, it will be removed from PopSchools. Note: Per our Terms of Service, PopSchools has final say over whether content is appropriate.
  • Only use messages to contact PopSchool members about serious work inquires only
    When sending a message to a Popriser, please follow these guidelines:
    • Your message must be a work inquiry regarding a PopSchool or project.
    • Please personalize the messages you send—don’t send boilerplate messages. They tend to feel impersonal and lack the detail necessary to be appealing. This means you should use their name, provide a brief description of the work or job for which you’re hiring, and any details you find compelling about the Poprisers work on PopSchools.
    • Please make sure the Poprisers  you’re contacting is a good fit for your job or project as indicated by the work, bio and skills on their profile. Many Poprisers’s also declare the type work in which they’re interested in their message form—so make sure your message conforms with their stated preferences.
    • Have a specific job or project in mind when contacting a Poprisers. Don’t ask if someone is generally looking for new opportunities or if anyone they know is looking for new opportunities.
    • Please don’t message Poprisers’s to ask for an invitation. Your messaging privileges will be revoked.
  • Conflicts of interest
    • Integrity is key – and it is important to be transparent and disclose any conflicts of interest you may have. E.g phishing from competing remote work websites like fiverr, upwork, women investing in women  or affiliates etc Your honesty protects your good name and ratings in the community and ensures that the quality of your delivery on PopSchools is top-notch, and truly authentic.

Your account may be suspended or removed if you engage in activity that violates these guidelines.


All content you contribute should be positive, respectful, and suitable for all members. Our community is open to all points of view on freelance, ondemand, remote work community or lifestyle-related topics; We will however remove any content that includes spamming, derogatory, abusive, offensive, obscene, violent or inappropriate information of any kind.


You may choose, at your discretion, to share personal information about yourself or your business online. Please do not post or send a reply that includes another user’s postal or email addresses, phone numbers, or other contact information.

By taking part in this community, you agree to abide by these guidelines. If you do not, the following actions may be taken against you or your posts (in ascending order):

  • A warning from a moderator
  • Removal of your profile
  • Blocking from the community

These guidelines are not exhaustive and the Community moderators will have full discretion to remove any content (which includes downloadable links, third-party apps and extensions) they deem inappropriate. This includes messages sent through the private message area of the Community. In addition, the moderators are not obligated to remove any content, even if it violates the Guidelines. You should understand, violating these Guidelines may have consequences ranging from a warning to banning. In some cases, a moderator may decide to apply a higher level action against your profile or your posts immediately, without prior notice or warning. If you have concerns about another member or wish to report a guideline violation, please email and we will investigate the matter promptly.

On occasion, we will move discussions if they belong in a different category. We will also close/remove duplicate discussions and/or replies that we deem to be inappropriate or disruptive to the community, this also includes revoking kudos given on those posts. Our intention is not to censor, but to foster an environment that is easy to use and productive for all those involved.