Refresh, reset, restore your remote career and family

Build your personalized and online co-learning community to support your family and career.  Join our safe environment offering remote study groups, live classes, afterschool and mentors sessions. Now open to all teachers, instructors, and experts.

In the age of digital transformation, how we work and live are fast changing with limited to no support. We welcome parents, children K-12, and adult students of all levels to co-learn and upskill to technical mastery.


Teach online, we offer flexible schedule and hours.

We are seeking co-learning support and facilitators from the homeschooling, unschooling, and education community to facilitate learning sessions, answer questions from parents, and monitor our community for safety. With COVID-19 schools closing, there is an immediate need to support families who suddenly have children at home during the day. We are putting all hands on deck towards the effort to support these families. Create your own schedule and set your on rates.


Virtual Classrooms

We've created virtual social spaces that are safe, where kids can continue to learn and grow at home. Family bonds can be strengthened where parents and kids do tech projects together.

Academic Class
Private Tutor
Study Groups
Afterschool Activity
Play Dates / Free-time


Team Workspace

Give your career a makeover. Get job ready with your remote teams for entrepreneurial and apprenticeship projects. From coding to presenting, strengthen your skills with instant feedback.

Collaborate with your vetted business mentor and project team to track progress and build your portfolio.


Private & Group Mentors

Access personalized mentor sessions from digital leaders and experts to make better career and personal decisions faster. First get matched based on your specific needs and interests.

Schedule 1-on-1 or group sessions with your mentor to set proper goals and get actionable feedback on your progress. Chat anytime with questions and to help overcome digital anxiety.


Community Support

Talk candidly about all things about digital transformation in a private online community to gain and share professional and personal experiences. Ask questions and get answers on tech culture, school trends, personal and professional development, job opportunities and more.

We support 100,000+ tech careers & families and have raised over $10,000 in sponsorships.

Refresh, reset, restore your remote career and family today.

Due to the COVID-19 school closings, we welcome parents and students to join our virtual co-learning classes